About Forum


In order to expand the exchange and cooperation of international affairs, the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, organized the Global Youth Trends Forum. Young people and the representatives of international youth organizations at home and from abroad are invited to participate in the forum. The discussion in the keynote forum and sub-forums about the international trends and issues of the current year allows the participants to have the exchange and cooperation on the international youth affairs. It helps the young people to enhance their international perspective and their understanding about the global issues, promotes youth participation in international affairs, and assists young people to gain the experiences and abilities in international exchange. Through the Global Youth Tends Forum, the image and the visibility of our country will also be improved.

Under the trend of globalization, there are more opportunities of partnership with the youth from different countries on the international affairs. Therefore, we have organized the annual Global Youth Trends Forum since 2013. In 2019, 26 countries joined the forum. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we switched the forum to a webinar, which received over 10,000 views from 49 countries. The 2021 forum was a hybrid event inviting youth from home and abroad to have transnational conversations.

The theme of 2022 is “M∃TA-verse Era: A New World for Youth” with sub-topics, “Interaction on socials,” “Imagining digital life” and “Future workplace.” Through online events-iNGO iSharing, themed trip and the physical forum, participants are able to explore the relationship and impact between youth and global digitalization, and challenges and chances of technology development for young people in terms of social interaction, workplace and personal life. Furthermore, the participants will be able to think about the relevant actions in the digital era. By facilitating networking between youth participants, we hope to foster robust and long-term partnerships on youth issues.